2001-10-18 04:04:17 (UTC)

So Called Best Friend.....

This has been a really hard week for me. I am
slowly losing more and more hope of ever getting my friend
back. He was supposed to be my best friend. Now, he won't
even talk to me. I feel so bad inside. I can't even
explain how much it hurts. It feels worse than my worst
breakup with a boyfriend. I feel I have nothing left in
life. There is this song by Martine McCutcheon that
reminds me so much of him. I wasn't even thinking and I put
the CD on, and when that song came on I lost it...Prolly
help if you knew the story..

Well, Saturday night me and muh girl were goin to
the club to hit the Icey concert. Some friends of hers were
meeting us up there, but she wanted to stop by their work
to finalize plans. My friend's girlfriend works there, so
she was there...Ya know, I didn't say one thing to her.
Well, I was outside with one of MY friends from there
talking to him and her name came up. I told him I didn't
LIKE her, she was kinda the jealous girlfriend type. I
told them the story of my ex breaking mine and my best
friends friendship up and I said that I felt she was part
of the reason we weren't as close as we once were. THAT IS
ALL I SAID!!! Well, it got back to him that I was talking
all sorts of mad shit about her and my friend that works
there's name got brought up. I confronted him about it and
he said he didn't say anything and when he walked back into
the restaurant, SHE was talking about me!! What am I
supposed to do??? I don't want to say anything to him for
a couple of reasons, 1) He doesn't want to hear anything I
say and 2) I don't want to look desperate...What should I

Well, there is the story about today in my
pointless life. I guess I will write again when something
new comes up..Talk to ya later...*MuWaH*