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2001-10-18 03:45:14 (UTC)

bad day

Today was not a good day.
I did badly on a test I should have done really well on.
And I walked into things all day. My body hurts... I think
I'm getting the flu. Which sucks... I am too busy to be
sick. If I can stop walking into things though, my limbs
might not hurt so much.
It turns out the anthrax scare yesterday was actually AT my
school, not near my school. But it was only half a urinal
puck that someone somehow confused for anthrax... i dunno
how that could happen but apparently it did.
I should go to bed soon. I'm tired, and being overtired
isn't going to help me get better. Not that anything seems
wrong aside from all this body pain. :P
Oh well. Sleep is good.