"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-10-18 03:38:41 (UTC)

A good weekend ahead

I dont have to worry about school the rest of this
week. Tomorrow is the only other real school day I have.
Friday is Senior skip day. I am going to skip I am going
with Tiffani, Sarah, and C.J. to some mall I think it is
called Concord mills. It is in Charoltte. So that is
going to be pretty kool and my mom let me to. I am also
going to ask my mom if I can stay with C.J. Friday night.
Early Saturday morning we are going to NC State to visit so
I think that would be pretty kool. MY cousins went there
when they were in college. Then I am going to TRY to stay
the night again if my mom will let me and Tiffani, Sarah
and at C.J.'s house we are going to get drunk. Tiffani
said I couldnt even though I am a GUY:), but C.J. said I
could. That will be pretty kool and I have never been
drunk before either so that should be interesting. Then I
am going to TRY if my mom still has a heart. I am hoping
she will let me I am going to try to stay the whole weekend
with him. So if I get to it will not be a boring weekend
after all. So I hope so. I get my braces off in about 7
weeks and at first i didnt like them but now i am kind of
use to them and I think it helps me with my good looks and
what if I got them off an i looked ugly what would I do
then. I would be ugly Andrew. I could not go around
school being ugly. But on the other hand I want be and I
could look better than ever all i know is i have to wait.
I guess I will go. #3