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2001-10-18 03:19:42 (UTC)

Looking forward to the weekend

I have decided that I am going to go home this weekend and
spend time with my dad. I need some homecooking really bad.
So I am looking forward to that.

I talked to Andrew and it looks like that we will be able
to go out to lunch with my dad on Sunday and he is going to
come over here. Since my roomate Beth will not be here we
can use the time to have nice quiet time to just hang out
watch a movie if we want to... it will be good. We really
need to sit down and talk about some things in our
relationship. There are some things we need to sort out and
once we do that we will be just fine. I hope he can spend
the night on Sunday but we will figure out on Sunday. We
are also going to work on his resume so he can get a better
job. He is looking at one in Boston. I am excited. I hope
he gets it.

I feel like shit. I have my doctor's appointment on Friday,
which was the orginal reason why I was going home. I hope
they will figure out what is wrong with me and make me feel
better. I slept for like an hour and half then got up and
watched South Park ate some ic cream and went out with
Holly and had a smoke. So I am ready for real sleep now. I
am exhuasted.

Well, I am off to bed. G'night.

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