My Life In A Bottle
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2001-03-09 19:08:57 (UTC)

I hope that I someday get..

I hope that I someday get wings.
Then i could fly away from problems and situiations I dont
like and I think I would feel more free.
I think if I have wings I`d been able to see anything, hear
anything, or at least be at the places I wanna be whenever
I wish too.

Sometimes i feel like im a prisoner. Caught up in this
place, without the opportunity to escape.
But im not caught up in this place and im no prisioner.

Some of my friends have starting smoking grass, its kinda
strange cause they get really high :) but Im not thinking
about trying even though a guy offer me some of it. I tryed
some drugs before and I wouldn`t use it again for a million
dollars. But everyone is saying that mariujana isn`t that
dangerous... Well, I dont know....

I`ll write more later.