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2001-10-18 00:01:23 (UTC)

Tuesday, Wednesday - I think I'm really apart of Mel

Some work. The last trip to schools. I dream of I was golden
read hair. A nice dream. People doesn't understand that
dream. And paint hair with that color.
Tuesday and Wednesday my friend Mel was so far from me.
Even she didn't believe it was. If I made a stand.
I'm feeling sick, I guess to be far from Petcat made me
unhealth as any human. I need to get five friends to replace
it. A pet will last two years till recognize me as friend.
I dream about I was in a lake some days ago. It means I
missed some friend. I don't know if I could miss some people
I never had had. Or if is Moon that is far from letters.
My friend Mel or a beloved one. I like her, I don't like
her. I would like her, I didn't like her. Don't know what
it means. I can't see her two eyes at time. I would like
some people or pet if I could see two eyes at time.
I will try to talk more to some friend I meet well. Mimi.
She is nice and compatible with some feelings. It will
make me go ahead instead waiting for next story with Mel.
I need to learn more things than going after last lessons.
I need to go one lesson ahead to make story.