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2001-10-18 03:00:16 (UTC)

bad day

Today was a reeeeally bad day. My cousin's dog, Sallie,
she died. she was only 7. i really loved that dog. my mom
got a phone call from my aunt on monday and mom
said "Claire im going to Aunt Donna's house, Sallie can't
walk, i have to help her get the dog in the car." i thought
it was no big deal until she got the tumors. god damn those
f***** tumors!!they had to put her to sleep. i can't stop
thinking about the times when she would jump up on the
table and steel our food. and when she would dig stuff out
of the garbage. and how she used to jump in the bath tub
with my little cousin. my aunt just told them about an hour
ago. mom said to her "do get stressed if they don't care.
they are just kids they don't understand. tomorrow they may
even ask for a new dog." i would scream at them if i heard
that from my cousins! Doug loves the dog and Caroline
thinks Sallie was her sister. thats why im naming this
diary Sallie. Well Sallie, good luck up in the clouds I
know you are there and don't worry about Dougie and
Caroline, they are being taken care of, remeber, don't kill
the mail man from heaven and keep out of God's garbage!
you'll make a big mess and garbage will fall out of the sky!