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2001-10-18 02:59:46 (UTC)

my Fun day at "SCHOOL" (LOL)

hey every one today at school i told eric no!!! even tho
after when he almost started to cry i felt really bad soo i
gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheak ... he said thank u
and walked off with a smile =) well anywayz today i got a
ride from nicoles mom i went to nicoles house and jerid
came over ( het toltally sweats me) (LOL) well anywayz then
my dad came we went to my brothers practice and i was
freezing my ass off and welll yea tommarrow iam goin to
nicole's and we are goin to chill for a while and then on
saterday iam going to the ONYX with
me we are going to have too much fun tyson is 13,robert is
11,eric is 11,daniel is 14,ronnie is 14 almost 15,chad is
14,nicole is 13,linday is 13.liz is 12 iam 12 1/2 and ways
it's goin to be bomb and well give me some FEED back people
and tell me what u think aight buh bye c yea