I baby blue mami I

tha everyday life of baby blue mami
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2001-10-18 02:45:11 (UTC)

0ctober 17 - 2001

Dear Diary,

what's poppin'?! today was a pretty good day at home and at
school. school was much fun. . . in math we had a mock test
and our teacher plays disney songs during the time we take
the test and jasmine and justin[my two crazy friends]
they're both stupid and always start dancing to the music
[lolzzz].when "under the sea"[little mermaid] came on
jasmine started dancing in her seat and all,[shes half
jamaican half panamanian and the guy that sings the song is
jamaican so you know, lol]. and then when "arabian
nights"[aladdin] came on she started doing this arabian
dance where you put your hands together and put them both
above your head and then down movin' them from left to
right, that shyt was so funny[lmfao]. jasmine and justin
are so crazy and then people ask me why i'm so crazy and
don't see that i'm being influenced! lol. and when "Just
cant wait to be king"[the lion king] came on justin knew
every word[lololol]. oh my qosh, and in physical ed.
theres this middle eastern kid and his name is Saif but
everyone calls him ali or abu[aladdin's monkeys name!
lmfao] and i think its really mean, but it's sooo funny.
the guys in my physical ed. class made up this thing where
one of them goes "ali ali ali" in a quik-e-mart voice and
then the next guy goes "abu abu abu". . it's soo funny but
i feel so bad for him =o( . when i got home from school i
ate dinner and then we went out. . my mom had a meeting at
this restaurant so me and my sister went to dave and
busters. . it was fun! after that we went for ice cream at
baskin robbins[yummy!]. i'm out. . . ONE!

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