The Sexy Blonde
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2001-10-18 02:20:22 (UTC)

State Fair

Well readers,

I went to the fair like I said I was going to do.
Well I had lots of fun. The reason I kept smiling was
because every time by boyfriend put his arms around me or
held my hand, I just felt really special, I had the most
important person in my life making me feel the greatest.
Every time Jose looked into my eyes I wanted to cry happy
tears. He made me feel real love, in my heart.

The fair was great, I put on a smile almost the
whole night. My boyfriends cousin Alexjandro, who is 5
years old, got to ride the rides & play the games that he
wanted. He is such a cute child. I can't wait to have kids.

When we were at the fair, I was real hungry, but I
didn't want to really say anything, because I know how much
Jose, and his dad & mom have done for me and everything
they have done I have greatly appreciatied. I know to them
money is not a problem, but for me it is. I don't always
have money for lunch or those special things people can
get, or those special name brand clothes that my boyfriend
and his family wear.

Well it is 5 days till my birthday I am excited.
Everyone knows it is my birthday on Monday. I can't wait. I
am so curious to what my boyfriend has gotten me or
anything that he has planned. Suprises are hard for me to
take, because what if I hate something someone gives me and
I open it infront of them, there going to see the
expression on my face, but I like anything and everything
people give me because it is the thought that counts. I
have no real comlaints.

Well today was an okay day, when I got to school, I
went straight to a wall on the floor in the lounging area
near the cafeteria, & went to sleep. I woke up to Vanessa
pulling on my jacket. Well well... what can I say I was
tired.... then... During lunch I didn't have any money so
Melody gave me a dollar, and I went and ate lunch(pizza)
with Vanessa, then we went outside to our court yard and
lounged around, but I fell asleep in the shade, waking up
to these stupid boys throwing empty coke bottles at me. I
dont care, fuck them... well I can't wait to see my
boyfriend..I think he is going out of town tomorrow with
his college buddies to the races, so I will miss him...
Well got to go call him, he should be back from college
about now....


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