2001-10-18 02:03:22 (UTC)


hey well hmm today was a drag well i had detetnion today
and i almost missed it too isnt that sad well then that
was ok i got my homeowrk done i really need to work on that
but i dunno whats goin on with brian i hate him somtimes
and then i love him then i want to break up with him and
then i dont i dunno what i am feelin for him i wantedt to
tell him that but i never got it out i dunno i guess it
easier to do it in an emial maybe i will email him well
lets see i dunno what iam goin to say i dunno what to say
to him somtimes i hate when i dunno i know its all my fault
for the problems we have but i just cant get use to bein my
fault i might just tlel him to read this but then i dunno
i love him so much and then i dunno whats goin on i dont
want to brak up with him but i want him to be wsweet
touchin myabe we need somet ime apart but then i will
regreat it its like he is my babi and he always will be no
matter what and i dunno i just cant ever bee in a good mood
i dunno something always makes me mad maybe i need to calm
down and little and take a little breather haha maybe rgiht
i dunno what i just wrote haha i have no idea what i am
thinkikin well lets see what am i doin this weekedn well
tomororw i have another detetnion i think im goin with
brian this is will be fun....wonder if he will talk to me
di unno im mean i dont talk to him either i dunno i usualy
dont like startin converstations haha neways we might go to
mikey d or whateva i usta call it and then hehe i have to
find some money first and then go to school i dunno i
think that night ill go with lacey to get a present for
allison my friend its her bday and that is on sat and then
at 9 im goin to my work and get my money and see some
people and then buy some pizza haha yummy then i dunno i
might have some of them meet us at the bowlin alley b/c
they have supplies thats what meg calls it haha and then
well be out till 1 yay babi and then hmm sunday go to
church work and then maybe go out to eat with brian i hope
haha i dunno now i love him see im weird its like when
their are no problems well no shit haha ima loser im goin
to go do somethine homei work xoxox