keeping my hands in the air
2001-10-18 02:01:20 (UTC)


well, so i'm in this play right now and all of u know about
my corey problems. well, i've been in this play for a few
months and this past week has been dress rehearsals. and of
all these past few months, i choose the very last week to
start to really like this one guy. i mean, if u asked me
right now what's the deal w/ corey, i couldn't tell ya, cuz
i don't know. i mean, i still like corey, but then there's

it all started when i was talking about my corey problems
and he was hearing about it. i had asked "why do guys give
me so much trouble." and he said something like "i don't
know. but i won't give u any trouble." and my friend was
like, "ur the 2nd guy who's told her that today!" and he
said, "no, seriously!" and i was like, "whoa!" and one of
my buds was w/ me and she was like "i think he wants to
hook up!"

john is so completely opposite from corey. i mean, corey is
a nice guy w/ a really nice singing voice. he's sweet too,
but then there's that side of him that's just really horny.
now, john is such a completely nice guy. i mean, he's so
incredibly nice and sweet. he's puppy-dog cute and he's
sooo funny, too!! he's just got this energy in him, like
he's almost just a little kid. i mean, he's extremely
talented and is just about the nicest guy i have ever met.
he's got an incredible personality. *sigh...well, i'll tell
more whenever. right now, i just like john and that's a
really good thing!! :)