Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-10-18 01:54:13 (UTC)

I wanna run away, never say goodbye

i nearly did too. i told ashley as we walked into
church,'were going to publix tonight. well go home if we
want to.' I dont know where my plans got foiled, besides
the fact she was parked outside when church ended. I
fought within myself for an hour and a half about if i
should or not. pastor roger was talking about the promised
land, theyve been going through Numbers on wednesday
nights. He was speaking of the war against our flesh, and
how the east of the jordan was the rich side, and the other
side was the promised land. And how the rubenites and some
others wanted to stay and get rich, instead of be with
God. And that they had all the termoil, even if they were
rich, because they didnt have God. I say in my head, i
wouldnt give up the peace of God for wealth, for the flesh,
when you say it, you think, who woudl do that?! The truth
is, we do it every day.

Have you ever had a spiritual connection with someone? It
is so cool. There are a few people that I never want to
lose, and I dotn think i will. Thers just... this
connection between us. Its so funky.

I never thought id be serious about a guy, especially at
16. I mean, im young. Or am I?? I still havent figured
that one out... but i know God put matt in my life.

Everyone, ya know who ya ares, I love you!

Shout out to CA!!!