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Emo Violence
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2001-10-18 01:28:51 (UTC)

forsaken me. in your heart.

so yeah, today was sorta screwed up, the afternoon started
bad cause i didnt get the job i wanted, i have 40 dollars
to live on until i get a new job and get paid, so im pretty
screwed. so i came home and cried out a little, then
calmed down, i made cool flyers earlier and had an awkward
talk with duffy. i asked mrs texierra to change the date
of the coffee house and she did, i feel powerful. the
striking resembelence of ethan to clint may all be in my
head, but WOAH. ethan should go to the show so we can
compare. what else. we went out to dinner, that wasnt that
great, i got frustrated with ben and my mother and almost
walked out, they were insulting my beleif system and
attacking. but i calmed down and ben and i played in teh
parking lot with the big plastic carts he pushed me
from "the grill" to acme, full length of the shopping
center dodging curbs and speed bumps (well not all, haha)
and finally pushing me right into the store it was sorta
embarassing at the end, but fun, its ok, show boy wasnt
there, i hope he comes out to the next show(s)

the starletta site looks nice. im happy about that, i made
cool flyers, im gonna distribute tommrow.

by the way, those dumb cheerleaders arnt taking over our
study hall table again, thats so stupid, if jason wants to
leave he can, but emily IS NOT taking my seat. haha

4th pd i went to see david kim's talk and performance, it
was pretty freakin awesome.

how about anne michelle and i are the ditzy-ist girls when
it comes to jim, jease, we are like all over his ass, and
he just wants emotional stability, and all i want to do is
1/2 get in his pants and 1/2 get a ride to school and to
shows and stuff.

ok thats all, im a little tired, im anxiously awaiting my
new amsterdams cd, its so good, hopefully i'll get it
tommrow, im sad enough (acoustic wise) about dashboard
beign sold out and feeling left out's new cd, and not
having it.

im out. kisses.