Ugly on the inside
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2001-10-18 01:11:23 (UTC)

well, my parents left on their..

well, my parents left on their crusie and i'm left here
alone till saturday! alone !!!!!!!! i had to work tonight
which kinda sucked a lot but eh, whatever. i got 11 in tips
tonight which is really good. i also got paid which was
good too.
there are a lot of people online but i've still got my away
message up... eh, i don't feel like talking much.
i have to find a book to read for independent reading for
english. i'm thinking i should read the Virgins Suicide...
i dunno, everyone raves at how great of a book it is.
my cat hasn't stopped crying for the past 4 months...
fucking a i'm gonna kick it if it doesn't shut up!
i decided to not play hockey this year... i dunno, i just
don't feel up to it. honestly i don't see myself getting
through this year period.
today was decades day for spirit week... oh my god it was
awful lol... the 80's was the worst. lol... the 80s rocked!
i'm kinda lonely and being here alone for a few days can't
have a good effect
p-sats saturday and i'm scared as all hell cuz i haven't
had geometry yet. fuck.
i wanna cut... gah, i have to wait till after saturday so
cody won't see it. he's already worried about me enough as
it is.
james and christina broke up... lol it's my fault too.
james picked me over her. i didnt want to have to give him
a choice and that makes me seem like the bigget bitch but
if you knew christina then you'd know why i and everyone
else had to give him that choice because he was already
shutting us out because of her. ah fuck it... friendships
are overrated sometimes.
speaking of which, angela hasn't called me in like 2 weeks.
i wonder what is going on with that.

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