my name?

my boring life
2001-10-18 00:42:44 (UTC)

not too fun

well....yesterday was cool.. I was supposed to go over Jens
house but instead...she didnt get back in i went
to britts was mad fun. Lauren,Erica, and Marc
were all there. EWWW britt crushed this spider and it
crunched soooo loud!. Oh Lauren did my hair all cool in
these like twist thingys!...Then i went mom was
in a bad mood so that was real gay!

Today was fun too! Kassie came over with Jordan and
Marc..we went for this ride on the back of there dirt
bikes..Kassie was on marcs and i was on jordans and like
they were going mad fast with us on the back, then we hit
this lil dip things that made a big bump and like me and
kassie like flew in the air like a foot! it was so scary
yet real fun!!! then we came to this lil clearing where
there was like these 2 big jump thingys...and like Jordan u wanna go on a jump and of coarse i was like
nooooo and he went up it anyways and the bike like slid to
the side and like we fell over! but it was like no big
crash or anything...just bruises well on my leg
anyways...nothing crazy~ well that was the excitement of my
day!!! and its not too exciting god i live a boring life!
well i g2g

buh bye!