shell's life
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2001-10-18 00:37:33 (UTC)


well dammit i have a big problem with relationships. can't
never do anything right. well derrick won't talk to me. i
kinda slammed the phone in his ear. i want to apologize but
he won't even talk to me. i had my sister call over to his
house cuz i was scared to and his sister answered the
phone. heather (my sister) asked for derrick. his siter
called for him and he asked who it was and heather said
that it was me and he told his siter to tell me that he was
outside. god. i need some tutoring on how NOT to piss my
dudes off. oh well hopefully this won't last long and he'll
talk to me pretty soon. i can't stand when he is mad at me.
got to go.
my love to all yall.........michelle

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