Schmarmish Blaffle
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2001-10-18 00:14:30 (UTC)

Religion... or somthing.

Current Mood: sick. Stupid cold virus. Ick.

Current Music: Basket Case, by Greenday.

In Which Marley Babbles:
Yup, still in that odd sort of "religiously filling out the
journal" phase.

And speaking of religion- Bekah invited a bunch of us to go
to this sort of "concert thing." On the back of the
pass/ticket thing, it says: Featuring live music by Audio
Adrenaline, Jake. Plus Laser Light Show, BMX freestyle
show, celebrity testimony, special message by MILES

So I'm pretty sure that it's just a load of bible-thumbing
burried under lights and a smoke machine. And, as a non-
religious type of person, I really don't want to go. So
maybe I'll just have to mysteriously be busy on Oct. 26.
I'll babysit or somthing. Or do what I do every friday, and
sit on my ass in front of the computer.

Right now, I think I'll go and either work on a story of my
own, or beta someone elses.


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