edy's life
2001-10-18 00:10:52 (UTC)

soo exhuasted

i feel soo great i feel liek im high

i feel so tired and drained i spent all day with aby and it
felt so great i felt soo happy even htought everyone kept
interupting thas ok htough we were just sittin or layin
with eachother it was great just bein kids in love
i kindathink that she doesnt totally trust me
i dono i htink she feels kinda sketchy bout me n her but
ill show her that i do really love her soo much she is so
special to me im not obssed but just amazed bout how great
she really is shes not a prepy bitch shes a nice cool jeans
and t shirt girl ahah that was kool but i miss her already
and she just left

i had so much fun doin nothin its cuz i was with her