The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-18 00:00:14 (UTC)

i miss you

The wind blows hard and cold and i miss you The word is
dark I'm alone and I miss you My hands won't still there's
nothing to do I can't keep my tangled mind off missing you
The nights are long while I sleep I miss you The days don't
end and I don't speak I miss you I don't see you in other
faces and i Miss you Don't picture you in certain places I
just miss you I miss your warmth and your touch I miss your
words of love so much I can't make it through another day
I don't wake up crying and I don't stay awake dying but I
miss you. I miss the way your eyes laugh and I miss the
way you say your words. I miss the times we share when
you're not here. I miss the way you wash your hair and the
way you hold your head. I miss the way you get dressed and
the way you get in bed. I miss the way you say hello and
the way you kiss goodbye. I miss the way you love me I
swore I wouldn't cry. I miss the way you miss me. And I
miss the way you care. I miss the way I am with you and I
wish that i was there.