Wow, am I really this pathetic?
2001-10-17 23:19:45 (UTC)

Rome vs. Goths

Yeah, i highly reccommend the movie Titus to everyone! it's
truly fabulous. starring Anthony Hopkins. he's great. ahhh,
my computer keeps clicking and i'm going insane. i just
watched the movie today..again. yay. ah, the evening. i got
all excited when i thought i heard thunder but alas, it was
just the idiots upstairs. i finally scheduled a meeting
with my advisor. that deserves another yay. anyway, i think
that's all i have to add for now, but you never know, the
night is still young and i may be back for more. eh,
probably not.

Current Mood: don't care

Current Music: nothing but the sound of my stupid clicking