2001-10-17 22:48:11 (UTC)

My Fourth Diary Site - Trying

Hello. My name is April.
I never write it that way, except for right now.
It's aPRiL. More me.
Wanna know the girl? Here goes:
°slate blue eyes
•thickest hair in the continental united states (brown/gold)
•fluctuates from 108-115 pounds (depending on the time of
month cough)
°wonders if HTML works in this site
•Notre Dame Academy (Middleburg VA)
°I'm very much a regular in my TeenOpenDiary, but the site
is down today so I went on a search and found you guys
•This site seema depressing, but that's ok, it's different.
°Has eating disorders - goes from pigging out for a week to
not eating for days - I need to make a meal plan or
something, but, you know, it's not serious or anything -
just a personality trait, I guess
•Madly in love with my best friend, we'll call him Paul
°Only one person really really knows...
•I feel like chicken tonight
°Ask anyone, I'm the most random and funny/kooky person
they've ever met
•Also madly in love with, let's call him, Dylan. Such a
sweetie. He's a junior and clueless
°Humungous crush from afar- we can call him Jimmy. :*D
•Oh, yes, I'm a freshman. I'm 14.
°Naturally smart/cognitive (took SAT at age 12 for Johns
Hopkins smart-kid talent search)
•Close friends...
Paul Kate Theresa Thomas Pher Kyle Matt Brian Bryan Katie
Miki Christina Sloane Jonathan Justin Marie Lauren Melissa
Megan Becca Beka Bryce Adrienne Nina Lisa Tracy Dylan Brian
Connie Dana Christian Liz Dani Brandon Lee Mitch Brian
Thomas Ryan Sarah Sara Alex Noelle Rachael Alex Meredith
Katie Katy Skylar TJ Ainsley Sam James MOM Alice
Adam Brittany Ashley Sam Devon AND MANY MORE
If you know me, sorry if I missed you, but GET THE HELL OUT
OF MY DIARY! *LoL* J/K, but you'll probably find some stuff
about me you didn't know and didn't necessarily feel like
finding out...