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2001-10-17 21:51:50 (UTC)

Pretty little poka-dotted elephants

Well it looks like it will be another boring fall break.
Last year wasn't so bad because i got to go to Chicago to
visit my aunt and to visit museams and crap. Well this year
I am going to go vintidge (sp) clothing shopping with
Cassie. We are going to get some yummy vegetarian food
while we are there too. This should be the highlight of the
next four days.

The paper came out today. I had two articles in it. One was
sarcastically titled "superior Americans strike back at
terrorists." It got bunches of negative feed back. Our
editor must have recieved ten letters from people in the
school saying how they completely disagreed with my
article. Some of them I know have a personal grudge against
me, but their opinions will be respected. Likely one of the
letters will appear in the next issue of the paper. On MY
page not less. I'm the editor of the opinon/editorial page
and we include letters to the editor on that. It's amazing
how generous i am. I could respond to how they think, but i
don't really care to. I happened to disagree with most of
them, and I know that some of them have no idea what i was
talking about for most of the article. but that's ok. We'll
find a well writted one to place in our next issue. Carly,
our editor can be put to that task.

Well, life is an interesting thing. I have nothing in
particulat to rant about. I may post that editorial that
caused such unrest later...