2001-03-09 15:02:44 (UTC)

powdered donuts poem

Powdered donuts in my coffee
fullfill my breakfast cravings..

cream and sugar wake me up
and add delightful flavrings..

it's 9 a.m. my calories half gone
but it's ok .. this day won't last long..

before i know it it'll be half through
just one sec.. i need mountain dew..

so it's 10 a.m. more calories lost
but not too worried about the cost..

i have self control..
i'll exercize later
but wait Oh Waiter..!

i better behave..
just bring me a salad
with Lots of dressing ..
and load on the extras..
i'll skip my home messing..

desert? one piece won't hurt me none
just bring me some pie.. and later i'll run..

damn this day's gone by so fast ..
i bet some milk would help me sleep..
i know i didn't walk, didn't swim, didn't run..
but there's Always tomorrow.. today I had fun.. !

but i can't understand why i'm now so tired..
feeling rundown yet awake and wired..
i can't go to sleep i need a new outfit..
can't know why my clothes won't fit..
i have that appointment at 8 a.m.
if i hurry i'll make it by closing..
what do you mean you don't have my size !
Surely there's something to cover my thighs..
look at that skinny trying to look cool
i guess the truth hurts.. I've been such a Fool..