Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-10-17 21:20:36 (UTC)

Reasons I'm Happy Today

I got an A on my French test.

Tyler is the most awesome guy on the face of the earth, and
he's mine.

I knew how to do all the problems on my calculus quiz this

I have free time just to chill.

I have a senate meeting tonight. There are only two items
we have to vote on, and neither of them are controversial.

I have got some kick ass mp3's!

My room is awesome, even though my roommate is not so

I got to know a really cool girl in my French class better
today over lunch.

I thought about Don with another girl, and it didn't bug

I had my English homework done this morning.

It's cold, but it's sunshiny.

I've made a ton of guy friends, and guys are SO much easier
to get along with than girls. Besides, they give you lots
of insight.

I rock!