2001-10-17 21:14:51 (UTC)

Im so happy!!

okai hey yall again.. im like in such a good mood today! so
like i got up and did mai morning routine and got tuh skewl
and larry actually came up tuh meeh and stood by meeh! like
omg! i was totally liking how he noticed meeh today! ahh..
diz iz too kewl! ya kno? welpz anywayz we had our algebra
mid term test today and i tink i did okai enuf tuh make a
low A or a high B.. haha im good.. lolz.. and den i found
out mai literature mid term test iz friday and mai
keyboarding mid term test is tomorrow! i will not be at
skewl afta literature which is 2nd block tomorrow.. and all
day friday! so dat means i miss 2 of mai test! how lamebo!
grr.. i have tuh show mai goat at a livestock show and it
totally rawks n all but it iz not kickin it for meeh and
mai grades!.. welpz ryte now ima talkin tuh goku(andy) and
he iz so kewl but he juz dun talk a lot sumtimes! haha and
im expecting clint tuh call meeh coz meeh n him need tuh
talk.. badly! and i found out today dat mai 3 frenz r gonna
be juvies!! dey smashed 14 mailboxes and was drinking
underage! ugh! i cant believe jason taylor.. arron flora..
and jarred! i was about tuh cry coz itz so sad how dey had
tuh act dat way like a bunch of fools! urgh.. anywayz.. i
have diz one fren trent.. and he is like alwayz flirting
wit someone.. welpz he told meeh tuh sit by him at lunch
break and i did and den he started tapping on mai leg so i
would look at him.. when i did he made meeh read his lipz
and it looked like he said "i love you" but he really was
saying "alligator food" and if u kno how our southern
accents r den u kno it iz hilariouz! and den he said sumtin
else like "i wanna f*ck u" but he said sumtin else. ahh..
and it was so funny becoz ashley tucker goes wit bobby and
trent knoz dat but trent likez ashley and she dun like him
and he keepz asking her out.. itz so funny coz she always
lookz at meeh and we start laughing and he goes wut!! lol..
haha datz funny..but also mai fren ashleigh is still lying
like a dang fool.. she iz so fake! like omg! haha welpz i
kno some of yall peepz r reading diz so ima juz gonna
shutup! lol.. bye pplz!! lovez ya!