Squeeb's world
2001-10-17 21:07:12 (UTC)

Out with the Evil!!!

Yay! One of the banes of my existence is resigning. Mr.
Mikey Harris himself has finally got a clue that everyone
hates his guts and that he has ruined the province so he's
stepping down as premier. Yay. Hopefully the next guy won't
be quite so retarded. "Yeah let's jack up tuition another
00 and it's ok. People can live off of Kraft dinner
forever." Wake up dear. Thanks for stepping down!
K, that was my happy news. I was all upset about Mon
again last night because we found out something was wrong
with her heart so I got off the phone and watched N'SYNC for
an hour. They are sooooo cute. I swear JC is THE most
beautiful thing that God has ever created. And I so love how
he's got these cute little curls in his hair now that I want
to run my fingers through oh-so much. And those blue
eyes. And that smile that just warms your heart. And that
adorable little laugh that makes you laugh too no matter
how down in the dumps you are. And his lips.... wow. I will
stop now before this gets X-rated.
Excuse me for a minute. Damn pigeons. Get rid of one of
the banes of my existence but not those stupid things. And
people say the noise they make is soothing?! I beg to
differ! You come and hear the bloody things doing their
"Coo-coo-coo" at 5am. Stupid things.
K, that's enough for today I think. No more tests! Yay!
And one more day of school till Reading Week. Yeehah!

Current mood: obsessed with JC
Current music: "Crush"- Mandy Moore