oddly interesting?
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2001-10-17 21:05:32 (UTC)

NOOO we didnt get to cook!!

10.17.01 (( 4.51 pm
NOO NO NO !!! ugh lol mrs. lawrence had a stomach virus
so BISMA'S MOM showed up as a sub. we didnt get to cook or
get our eggs. we watched this stupid movie on food safety
and had to write 10 sentences about it...gah....oh rofl
another bad thing. i got my . in school but thank god it
was light. i didnt know until i got home rofl and it didnt
show up on my jeans either... what else...joanna still
hasnt found her binder. it had like everything in it! =/
yum im drinking hot cocoa...with MARSHMELLOWS -bounces of
the walls- lol...bee ish gonna get the book im reading
called "The Girls" omg its SUCH a good book! lol i was
looking for daughters of the moon and i thought the authors
last name started with an l but bee told me it started with
an e... lol im dumb. but when i was looking for it i found
the book "The Girls" and i checked it out. its really good.
=D ...lets see....I WORE MY HAIR UP TODAY FOR NOTHING lol,
but most people liked it besides brittany, michelle, and
amanda ugh lol they're just JEALOUS! lmfao. I HAVE ONLY 2
THINGS FOR HOMEWORK! woot what else... WHAT ELSE....OH OH wait im not telling you i cant tell you over the
internet... well i can i just cant say my friends name or
she'll kill me. well my friend has contacts, and NO ONE
absoloutely NO ONE except her parents, sister, and ME know!
not even the NURSE knows! lol oh yea and her doctor knows
rofl. but in science, its a state law that you have to
wear perscription glasses under goggles we need to use.
deanna doesnt wear glasses, no one knows about her 'eye
problem' ugh lol i feel so sorry for her. i wanted to
mention that to her, but she was with carrie, who believe
it or not, doesn't know either. lol carrie showed us her
hair down for 5 seconds today. lol its shoulder length
but it looks better up, we all know that because she's only
been leaving it up for 5 years. hmm scott and danny havent
said anything today. i think theyre perverts lol. i did i
mediation with carrie on evelyn and martika. i heard they
drove the math teacher, miss leighton, nuts. martika
cursed and since miss leighton is jamican, its againest her
religion to curse, and like she was really offended. but
when i went to her 7th mod (period) she was really calm,
but firm..hmm whats that word i learned in hacs...
ASSERTIVE there we go. lol okay ill talk to you later sorry
i couldnt talk yesterday i was taking a shower lol


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