Life Is Peachless
2001-10-17 20:25:11 (UTC)

ok today i have something to say....i think

i was gonna write in here about 10 minutes ago...but i had
nothing to write about.... reading other peoples diarys--
the people wh actually know what they wanna say and say it--
yeah those people. the ones who write about stuff so long
it takes up 10 paraghraphs to finish. i look up to those
people because they know what they wanna say and they say
it. i admire that in people because i want to be like that.
just say whatever comes to my mind and say it right then
and there. not care about what other people say and go
about my life happily. i used to be like that say whatever
whenever type person but not. im shy and barley
say anything...except to the people who i know. what i like
to hear about from these types of people is how there day
was and why there happy or not. and what things happeneing
in life--like the september 11 thing--how they reacted to
it. i just read someones diary and it said that she was
changed by this and she felt like nothing could stop her
now. thats how i want to be. i probably could if i
tried...but im lazy--yes i admitt it-- i dont wanna get up
and do gonan sit infront of this computer all
my life until my brain rots and the shrinks cant help me
anymore. Im gonna sit here until i get put into that padded
walled room and that white jacket where i wanna be.

i wanna do things in my life...not sit here all day like i
said i do. i wanna get a job and go to france--which i am
working on now. i wanted to go to a bording school in
france. ive always wanted to do that...but now im saving up
to go there after senior year. and go to college there and
spend the summer there. and when i do that ill probably be
the most happiest child ever. but i dont knwo if there is
such a thing...but it doesnt matter...

ok now on to other things....
1.) im walking home from school today and this is what