Reality Check
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2001-10-17 20:16:41 (UTC)

Fred, and events lately

Fred's in Rotc. He's 16, but when he gets 1 more credit he
can graduate...however he managed that. I met him through
Regina, and when i first saw him i thought he was a dork,
cause i mean, he had the glasses and the dorky look and
everyhthing. But, then I got to know him. He's cool
actually. Regina had spread that rumour about him and i had
to fix it, now whenever he has a problem he comes to me. And
we always talk, and whenever i see him i give him a hug. But
i never actually thought he thought of me as a "close"
friend. Well, yesterday he got mad cause he saw a bruise on
my arm and regina told him someone hit me. He was about to
kill someone...literally. I talked to him today and was
like, why were you so mad. he wrote me a letter and said
because i'm like his sister....he wrote: "...you've always
been there for me when i've needed you. I love you like a
sister. You're my best friend..." It was so sweet. so now
whenever we see each other we're like, wassup bro, wassup
sis. Regina hates it, cause they used to be best friends and
now she's jealous. haha, i love it. He's taking us to the
homecoming parade friday. Oh my lord, today was funeral day
and we dressed gothic, everybody said i looked cool. Jimmy
wants me to dress like that everyday, cause he said i looked
sexy...i was like..no. I'm gonna wear my eye make-up like i
did though, but not the black lipstick. I'm not gothic, and
i don't want people thinking i am. not that there's anything
wrong with it. but anyways, pansy's about to come over and
we're gonna walk down to texaco. She wants me to buy her a
condom. i have no idea why, because she's not like a hoe or
anything, and she doesn't have a boyfriend. but she wants it
just in case, cause whenever she gets alone with chris, he's
always all over her and she said one time she might not be
able to control herself....so...i gots to go and clean the
house before she gets here.