A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-10-17 20:15:54 (UTC)



well 2day was boring..like always. i didnt have fun 2day.
omg brb i think theres some1 in my house...AHH HELP!

ok whew im back..something just fell upstairz! whoa i was
about 2 freak out. newayz..in biology we had 2 "make
babies" and I had 2 "make babies" with JASON! GAHHHHHHHHh!
he kept annoying the crap out of me!!!! what u did is u
flipped coins and stuff and found out how ur kid would
look. omg there were like 4 *inter~raciaL* groups..and 3
HOMO groups..cuz theres not a lot of gurlz in our
class...lol. Jeff and victor had 2 work 2gether. Bozz and
Josh had 2 work 2gether..and Duganne and Jacob had 2 work
2gether. That was just sick..lol. Newayz..well im going~