All in the Night
2001-10-17 19:58:28 (UTC)


Well let me think....CJ is my neighbor...he humps people a
lot...hmmm...his goofy ass is all the time doing crazy
stuff to make sarah and i laugh...he has enough info on
sarah and i to RUIN is for LIFE...We all three still have
to fulfill a promise we all made to wach other over the

Ok Cj....you said i never write about you!!! HOw was
that??? Lol i love ya! I haven't noticed that you updated
yours in a while b/c it doesnt' notify me!

Ok anyways, So Cj and Andrew have like bonded or
soemthing...it must bve a guy thing. I really need to
remember to take andrew his shirt and balloon. I mean he
even remids me to do it and i forget. OMG, friday is
senior skip day. I'm soo excited! Sarah and Cj and i
(maybe andrew) are all going to go shopping in Charlotte
for the day which should be fun. I plan on spending LOTS of
money. Lol i'm going to be so poor. agh, i need to get a
hair cut. Anyways, i really don't know what to write, this
is kinda a pointless update. I havent' talked to Chad in
over a week :*( Oh well, i'll live. This is boring so i'm