mark my words
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2001-10-17 19:27:07 (UTC)

every new beginning is from some other beginning's end...

this is my beginning :)
Hey everyone... what's up? This is my first attempt at an
online diary... it will be brutally honest and utterly
frank. Since it's the one place where I can record my
honest opinions about whatever I want, I am going to do
just that. But first there are a few important characters
I need to list, for anyone that's just randomly reading
Me... sophomore in high school... 5'1... brown hair...
hazel eyes... I think the way to describe me is open. I'll
do what I want without caring about the consequences
because it's how I feel. For instance, some girl wants to
kick my ass because she was staring at me, it pissed me
off, and I was like "You wanna fuckin look at me? Don't."
Maybe it's immaturity, but it's the way I am.
KC and KE, my two best friends. The three of us are always
together. We make a perfect team, because we each have
qualities that balance the others out. KC is the light,
happy one who people love to be around. KE is the slightly
insane one who will say whatever, whenever, to whoever.
I'm the one that thinks things through. Does it sound like
I'm contradicting myself? I just mean that people come to
me for advice, to ask what their guy's thinking or why
their friends are acting weird. I'd like to think that
people value my advice.
My family... my mom, my dad, my stepmom, my obnoxious 12-yr-
old brother, my adorable 3-yr-old brother. My nana, my
grandmom, my grandpa. Some random obscure aunts, uncles,
and cousins. I'll probably talk the most about my mean mom
and my adorable 3-yr-old brother.
That's all for now. I gotta go track down my boyfriend so
we can hang out :) Later!