Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-17 19:25:02 (UTC)

Rings ?! What kind !?

Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here! I am so geeked out !!! haha ! We got
our class ring stuff today !!!! I am so geeked out ! Mine
is going to be so kickin !!!!! I am getting white gold,
green stone (sunburst cut ) and its going to have arts and
photography on the sides! AHHHH! I am so excited !! LOL !
Today was a blast for me but poor Hui was so upset cause
Rachel dumped him last night ! :( ! Thats ok I kept making
him laugh in gym class cause I was my normal screwed up
self ! only ten times as hyper ! haha ! I think I overdosed
on prozac and I was high on markers! LOL inside joke ! I am
sooooo hyper ! omg ! Remember Laurence everyone !? He
broke up with Jessa ! Which doesn't suprise me cause the
farthest they went was he gave her a peck on the lips !!!!!
Haha !!! I was talking to Nate and I was like 'we should
get some girl to get all over Laurence and it would scare
the crap out of him ! ' haha!!!! yea so anyways I talked
to Adam last night !!! And we cleared everything up ! I
hope ! ummmm lets see what else ?! Friday is the
homefootball game and Kati is coming over and were going to
the game and then she is spending the night ! :)! haha !
We are going to be so hyper !!!! haha !! But my parents
are going to the game !!!!! 可kes !! This means I have to
watch what I say, do , and hang out with !!!! Shit thats
bad ! Oh well I will just be myself and my mom and I had
the " dating talk " ! haha ! she says I can " group
Date " !!! LOL ! But I don't think that I have to worry
about dating cause yea long story !I will write the quote
later ! I gotta bounce !
Later !