Melissa's Daily Thoughts
2001-10-17 18:13:20 (UTC)

First Entry

October 16, 2001

Wow, a new journal. I'm going to try and keep up
with this unlike many of my journals in the past.
I really hope I can do it.

I'm feeling sad today. Mary and Cheryl were talking
about going to see their men this weekend. I really
want to go see Jim but he doesnt want me to because
he's going to busy with his friends this weekend.
God forbid i intrude on that. Sometimes it makes
me want to cry, and sometimes i just push it all

When i was on the phone with Jim tonite i started
to cry and i hate when i do that because i dont want
him to feel bad that he wants alone time with friends.
i feel really bad that i'm mad at him because of
this but i can't help it.