Wow, am I really this pathetic?
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2001-10-17 17:27:21 (UTC)

numero uno

This is the first entry of my new online diary. Exciting?
sure why not. you know, i truly wish that i had a cool web
site. instead, i have no time to work on it and i don't
know HTML either. so naturally, it sucks. Well, today i've
only had 2 of my 3 classes here at good old college. don't
let anyone fool ya, college isn't all it's cracked up to
be. it's all a lie. i must say, i am looking foreward to
Halloween though. I'm wearing underwear for a shirt. it'll
be cool. i guess my friend and i are going to be sluts for
Halloween. yup. well, so anyway...i need to vaccuum. and i
should also probably wipe the "HeLP Me" that's written
backwards on my giant door mirror. i just wrote it there to
frighten my roommate and i was actually feeling trapped at
the time but i'm not sure if it worked. i don't like her. i
want to trade her in for a new one cause i got a rejected
deal. oh well, such is life i guess. at least you only live
once. more than once is just plain torture. i mean i like
my life and all but i don't know. i don't want to relive
anything. except maybe that last saturday where i spent all
day at Jeremy's and i dyed his hair blue. that was some
good fun. someone please remind me to get my hair cut as
well. i think i'm going to go for the Delores O'Riordan
from No Need to Argue. hope it works.

Current Mood: relaxed

Current Music: Wumpscut - "Is It You"

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