the innocence of #1
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2001-10-17 17:20:43 (UTC)

ex attact from he say she say

i just broke up with my bf SS and i hate i so much. the only reason we broke up wa because my best friend rr kept telling us he say she say shit. she ack fake any way it goes because she got a attitude problem out this world and she think she can boss evri1 around. i am confused cause i dont even know why i am her friend any way because she is a triflin biotch!!!!!!! but ss he was every thing ive evr wanted in a boyf... he had a nice ass personality sexy ass phone voice he looks sexy ass hell and i do miss bein with him. hopefully i will get him back soon. actually i think rr wants him. but anyway now that we aint together i just he is to shy or scared to talk to me now but i want to tell him how i fell but dont got balls enough to tell him. his sister js is still my dawg 4 life and i talk to her but i think he is scared of me or something if god only hear my plead for him to come bac and be my boo again....SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS SS

his friend et is a sexy mf though and i like him 2

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