aris' thoughts
2001-10-17 15:43:50 (UTC)


i return home from moms and notice my 10 on is almost up,
my nipples are screaming in sensitivity and the welcomed
tenderness sends tormenting chills to my clit. ahhh my
clit, swollen, throbbing hard, and in great need, huge need
of release. pet likes this torment, matter of fact am
beginning to love this torment, thank You my Mistress.
releasing the clamps from both nipples at same time...
Mistress taught me this yesterday, i cant describe the
pain, is not a hurtful pain, but is more an erotic pain.
not sure if its cause of the act of cleaning for hours
tormenting the nipples by 10 on 20 off , or if its cause of
knowing this pleases my Mistress. hmmmm ok i am sure it is
both. orgasm control....groans... saying that word at this
point is dangerous for me. kneeling at computer waiting for
Mistress, Her bitch is in severe heat. ok here i confess,
*whispers*.. Mistress, Your slut is enjoying herself this
morning, thank You my Mistress for all the priveledges You
allow me..