Human Voices
2001-10-17 15:37:51 (UTC)


Aaaah. I feel so sick. I have glandular fever and I feel so
crappy. This is the third day I have been off school AND
this is the second last week of school ever - before
graduation I mean. And I would have to go and get sick when
there's heaps of final work to do. I actually have these
hige blisters on the back of my throat which nake me feel
like someone has put a huge dagger down my throat and then
yanked it out. Ouch. And, I have a stomoch virus which is
making me throw up every other hour and that hurts my
throat even more. I think this is the most sick that I have
ever been in my life.

Anyway, aside from that. I got a present today from my
friend Gemma in Scotland. She sent me a necklace and a
matching anklet. She looked really good in the photos she
sent me og her and her friends. I miss her heaps but I'm
worried incase I go back next month and she's heaps
different than when I left. It's the same with all of my
friends over there. What if we've all grown so far apart
that none of us like each other any more? That's my
greatest fear. What if I go there and noe of them like me
anymore or what if I can't stand the way they are now?

Anyway, I know this has been a shor entry but I'm going to
have to close because I'm cold and I'm tired.