The Daily Babble
2001-10-17 15:31:27 (UTC)

Had some good days recently

Well, since I last wrote, things got a little better...I
saw Jeff on Thursday again because he came up to NJIT to
see the brothers [they were having a mixer]. Of course I
wasn't too thrilled about him going to a mixer, but I tried
to be mature about it. We went to the house together
around 7:30 and I hung out there til about 9. The new
house is ok...I mean the old one holds a lotta memories for
a lotta people but this one's nice too. It was good to see
some of the guys and then Jeff walked me to my car and I
went home. I said he's probably only stay another hour but
when I called him at 11 he was still that...That kinda
bummed me out because I could hear all the music and girls
laughing in the background. But at the same time, I knew
he had gone there to be with the guys, not to see anyo f
the girls so I got over it. We talked for a little bit
that night and then went to bed.

Friday was just a normal day at work and Saturday was a
normal day at home. I had so much work to do so I was
working on homework and papers and presentations and what
not. Fun stuff.

On Sunday, I drove to Jeff's around lunchtime and he helped
me with my Prob/Stats homework. It was pretty awesome to
help me with it cuz we finished in like an hour! So we
hung out and went to Michael's [the arts and crafts
store]...we got myself a photo album and some pens and
headed back for a few hours. His mom came home a few hours
later and then I headed home.

Monday was a regular day of work and classes..and working
on my paper while I had break. On Tuesday I had classes in
the morning and then I met up with Nimra at John's Pizzeria
for lunch before we headed over to work. Fun stuff.

Today I'm just at work until 5:30 and then I have a date
with Jeff! =-)