My Life In A Bottle
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2001-03-09 11:18:42 (UTC)

...And so I cry sometimes when..

...And so I cry sometimes when Im lying in bed just to get
it all out, what`s in my head, and I start, feel a little
peculiar.... OH!!! I just can`t get that song line out of
my brain!!!

I`m home from school today, got a flu... Gotta call some of
my friends later, in case something important happend on
school today.

Ï think that if I had slept with "WBL" that time I would
have blame my self for the rest of my life. Or maybe not...
I don`t know, but if i got pregnant he probably told me to
take an abbortion but I`d never do anything like that...

I have a lot of sick ideeas in my head today... I had a
night mare where I was killing who ever I looked at, and it
was so wiered `cause when I woke up, the phone was calling
but there was no one there and when I got to bed again it
was calling over and over again and everytime the phone
ring I said hello but no one answered.
But then it turns out that it was a friend of mine, and he
had the flu to and was just kiding with me. we talked for a
hour afterwards...

well i gotta go.

thanks for all feedback.

someone send me a feedback and he/she said that he/she know
exactly how I felt and asked me to take contact but he/she
didn`t left any e-mail adress.
You know who you are. Please send me you`re e-mail adress.

to Katie: Thanks for sending thoose words to me. They cheer
me up when Im down.

Love ya all

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