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2001-10-17 15:14:15 (UTC)

frank williams

i only remember his name because it is the same name of a
basketball player who declared himself eligible for the
draft the other day (and we were at the bar watching
baseball so it kept of flashing over and over and over)

anyways, this guy, frank williams, calls me up at work and
he's not the quickest guy in the world (i apologize frank
if you're reading this but you asked me where i was from
and i said "canada" and you said "that's far away, almost
like another country") and he was having sound and video
problems. i fixed the video problem but for the life of
i couldn't fix the sound problem. so after an hour of
troubleshooting, i told him "frank, i've run out of
ideas...i think you're going to have to run the recovery"
(the recovery basically resets the computer back to the
first day you bought it...it even says "thank you for
purchasing a new COMPAQ computer") and he said that he'd
think about it, then he went into the most heartfelt thank
you i ever had. he said that he was really emotional and
thankful for all the help i had given him, and how patient
and understanding i was and he was almost in tears, and
my life was blessed and how the world was lucky to have
people like me. i damn near cried no joke. i'm always
remember that call

ADDENDUM (December 2, 2003) - Frank Williams, the
basketball player, ended up drafted by the Knicks...what a
coincedence :)

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