My life as Trick
2001-10-17 15:09:27 (UTC)

At least I'm not obsessed...

04:00am - Wake up from a dream about Chad. Again.
04:30am - Stop fighting it and get up and dressed
05:00am - 1/2 mile warm-up walk.
05:15am - 2 mile jog.
05:45am - Step aerobics.
06:45am - Drive home. Think of dream about Chad.
06:46am - Try to forget dream about Chad.
07:00am - Getting ready for work.
07:25am - Leave for work. Try not to think about Chad.
07:35am - Arrive to work and begin to think of things for
my training class to complete in order to take
up the day. We managed to get 10 days worth of
material covered in 7. Now I need filler.
08:15am - Log onto my computer to work up some exercises.
Type in my password, which is a variation of
Chad's name.
08:16am - Change Password.
09:00am - Tell story about my getting ticket in East Hell
on Sunday.
09:25am - Tell funny story about Chad from 2 years ago.
10:15am - Go to to find out the status
of my digital camera and scanner order.
10:17am - Track packages to find out if they are going to be
delivered today.
11:45am - Get "Technical Stuff" done for training class so that
they can start a short "On the Job Training" session.
12:00pm - Decide to call Chad and tell him about the dream.
12:01pm - Decide against it.
12:02pm - Go to lunch.
12:03pm - Try my best to make lunch appealing.
12:04pm - Give up and eat it anyway. The fourth day of leftovers
is Hell.
12:05pm - Update my online journal.
01:15pm - Put Trainees on the phone and montor them for progress
03:00pm - Contact FedEx and see if the packages can be held at the
04:45pm - Leave work
04:46pm - Notice that I'm out of gas and pull into a gas station
that is packed with people
04:50pm - Realize that I'm almost out of money, too.
04:52pm - Attempt to contact my bank.
04:53pm - Attempt to contact my bank.
04:55pm - Attempt to contact the @#%& bank.
04:56pm - Dial into my bank's customer service. Placed on hold.
04:58pm - Hold
05:00pm - Hold
05:02pm - Realize the phone doesn't work when the customer service
rep answers the phone, says, "Hello?" , and hangs up.
05:04pm - Attempt to contact my bank.
05:06pm - Finally fill up my gas tank.
05:15pm - Arrive at the FedEx station to pick up my packages.
06:30pm - Leave for Hapkido
07:00pm - Work with a lower-ranking person who has a test on 10/18.
09:00pm - Head home and prepare lunch for tomorrow.
09:30pm - To bed

...and try not to dream about Chad.