Jerks of Attention
2000-11-11 12:13:56 (UTC)

I started writing in this again..

I started writing in this again the other night, but my computer froze up. So i thought 'fuck it' and went
and got some sleep. I had to wake up for work.
Speaking of work, I found a great book today, it's about Gemstones. Well, Gemstones of the Southern
Hemisphere in particular. I was reading about opals, they look so preatty because of the arrangement
of silica particles in layers, and the layers break up the light that enters, into spectrum colours.
Cool, huh?
Today I was meant to do lots of studying for SYS and CCT. But I didn't, oops. I chatted to a British
guy on the net for a while, it was rather cool. He was interesting.
I found 'Dot' by ALL today. I've been searching for that song for months now, ever since i saw it on Rage
(music video show, shown in Australia) That was very exciting.
Oh, and I just finished watching EDTV, hehe, it was a dman cool movie. I laughed. Jenna Elfman rocks,
she is so cool :)
I have to go shopping, my tweezers broke. Well, actually, one of the arms bent somehow so it doesn't
grasp anything.
I am thinking of going shopping tomorrow, but no can do. Have a rehearsal until 2pm and then I will
study electronics, with dad. I tried doing some of the past Systems prog exams, damn, Hanish knows
how to make them tricky. He's not very clera either, I hate the way his statements always have so
many ambiguities. Why can't he just be clear and concise? So after trying to decipher his strangely
worded questions, I gave up and watched some tv. Futurama, King of the Hill, the Simpsons and
Family Guy all in a row. I'd seen The King of the Hill (the Halloween episode, with the psycho religous
nut woman who thinks everything is evil) and the Simpsons (I challenge you to a Duel!/Tomacco) episodes
before, but they were ones I liked so I watched them anyways. Mmmm, Saturday night and I am at
home, rooock on.
So, there was a purpose to me logging on though, had to check some e mail (which i got *none*. yay)
and try find another mp3. I'm thinking of watching Rage, but I dunnno. My brother bought the
Metallica 'Live shit bing and purge' box set today so he's got his heart set on watching all that.
I apparently have my heart set on becoming a Computer Systems Engineer.
Which means this bunni must study.