aris' thoughts
2001-10-17 13:09:04 (UTC)

lifes' curveballs

my Mistress gave me a task yesterday in reference to the
MIL taking me for granted. i was to nicely but assertively
tell her that she needs to ask me if i have plans instead
of telling me what i am to do. so when the Mil got home
yesterday before anything else a greeting anything, she
comes in house and says, did the furnace man come? i
gritted my teeth took a long deep silent breath and said ya
know mom, it would have been nice if you had asked me if i
had plans for the day, i wasted the entire day waiting and
could have gotten the things done i needed and had plans on
doing today. she looked at me like saying well fuck you then she says , its pretty good after all i do
for you , i dont have to put up with this and i told her,
no you dont so next time ask instead of making decisions
for me, well she cried of course and went to her where she belongs i should bolt lock her ass
in there.

the curve ball.... i dont understand my husband all a
sudden staying up til like 1 in morning. its disrupting my
life and pisssing me off. so embarassing having to sneak
into the basement calling Mistress and haveing to tell Her
i cant get online to be with Her. i mean the man leaves for
work at 630 is up at 5 how on earth is he managing to stay
up so long? i think he does it cause he knows it annoyes me
he loves to irritate me and hates the fact that i have not
been fighting with him lately. there really is no reason to
fight with him, he has his life i have mine with the kids.
long as he stays out of my way, i stay out of his. but him
staying up late at night is invading my space and if it
dont stop soon i will go out of my mind. lucky for me my
Mistress insist that family comes first. She told me not
long ago that yes that includes him cause i am married to
him. sighs.....i know Mistress is right but i hate not
being with Her at night. am at my moms house now ,
cleaning and really just to escape the MIL. am thinking
about slipping into my moms lion claw antique bath tub but
oh shoot, i dont have Mistress oils with me.
grrrrrr.....well, maybe next time. will write more later
if i can.