My Crazy Messed Up Life
2001-10-17 13:01:35 (UTC)

Rain, rain go away!!

It's still raining out and it's driving me crazy. I just
got up....didn't sleep well at all. I'm kinda late for
school...oh well...and I have to pee!! One of my roomates
is in the shower, which just so happens to be next to my
room...let me just tell you, when you really have to
pee,the pitter patter of the rain against your window, plus
the constant flow of the shower, just doesn't help. I hope
she's done soon.
Last night was a crazy night, filled with lots of bad
dreams, and some other stuff...I was able to keep pretty
good control of myself, which was amazing. Jane came
upstairs to see if i was ok i guess, I told her to go back
to bed. She asked what was wrong but i couldn't say it,
it's so hard to tell someone what's going on when you know
that they are totally not going to understand,and even
harder when you don't totally understand it yourself... so
needless to say, i kept my mouth shut. Anyway, i better go
and get ready for school, seeings how I'm already late.
I'll write some more later.