pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-10-17 08:42:48 (UTC)

the tie theory

oh gosh, it's been ages since i updated. school's started
[bleeeeeeeeeeeear] and everything's ok. textiles is not as
bad as it used to be because i have sort of caught up to
the rest of the class and maths is slightly more bearable
because the topic we are doing is really really easy. i got
an a for my science test and an a for my biography in
italian. yay yay yay.
i have this tie theory that's really really funny and
everyone is going into hysterics about it. it's
disgracefully rude though. the theory goes that a guy's tie
is actually the size/shape of his.... um. you know. yeah.
eg: long thin, short fat, thick long. it's so stupid but
when it's actually right in front of your face swinging
around it's hysterical. yesterday in drama everyone took
one look at mr mcphail's tie and cracked up laughing. he's
standing there looking down at it and going "what? is it
the pattern??"
ha ha HAA.
today i went to spotlite with lizzie and rachelle and thi-
anh and brought cheap material for my bag and an iron-on
yellow smiley face.

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