Kats Journal....
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2001-10-17 06:16:39 (UTC)

Opening entry....

Im writing this to let everyone know that these entries may
not all be MY personal experiences,but those I have shared
with my friends,along wiht my own, and I would like everyone
to know that these are REAL, be they my own or others
stories..Hence the whole reason why I am using my online
screen name,and not my real name.Im not going to take credit
for anyones life when they were the ones who lived it.I do
appreciate feedback tho,and i am on yahoo and icq....
my yahoo id is Kat_in_tha_hat
and my icq is 91876063

im also welcome to add anyone story that they feel they
cannot or do not want to share presonally,i will simply add
them in under this journal,so please feel free to send me a
message or email me,hope you enjoy,or that my journal in
some way can help someone else if they are in a similar