sexypeople only ,,,, my life
2001-10-17 05:50:57 (UTC)

today was a great day

even tho iams till single that guy i was talking about in
my last writing eric that i danced with i just found out
that he wan's to go out with me.. soo every time i wouyld
get the feeling that he was going to ask me i would always
change to story he would be like amanda!! and i would be
like soo how is school goin for ya i heari got alot of
friends (LOL) i mean he is a real cutie but i don't think
iam really wanna go out with an 11YEAAR old even tho age is
just a number i dunno what do YOU!!!!!! think i should do
well send me feed back peoples c yea ~*~Amanda~*~ ttyl