2001-10-17 05:15:33 (UTC)

I am a very stupid 46 year old woman

Dear Diary:
You would think at my age I would have learned by now after so many failed marriages and relationships, all accept the one I am in now, is
worth anything.
I almost blew this one. Oh how stupid I am?

I am just human, I like sex and so did Robert.
I thought he was geninue, but I was wrong! Very wrong. He used those three dreaded words, I LOVE YOU Karis, and did not mean them. But I was hoping he did, but he did not.

I didnot mind sleeping with him and giving him sex.
I just wish he would not have said those words to me.

I will see him a few times and then I think we need to call it off between us so we do not get hurt.
I donot want to hurt him and I do not want to be hurt again. How am I ever suppose to learn to trust and love again.

Give a man what he wants and he hurts you.
Doesnot give a fuck!

I never ever want to hear those three words again. I love you Karis. I will never believe them again.

Love, AmericanIrishRose
Karissa Anne Lowell